Dragonborn Clans

Of the three prominent Dragonborn clans in the area of the southern Sword Coast unfortunately Clan Akkanraush is generally thought of as second in order of renown. Clan Kurrothix is generally held in higher esteem and Clan Delmirev is generally held in lower esteem. Part of this goes back to level of success enjoyed by each when the clans relocation to the Sword Coast.

Clan Ak’kanraush was the first to arrive and blazed the trail. Kirev of Clan Ak’kanraush led the expedition. He ultimately chose a site slightly up from the base of The Cloud Peaks not far from the hills and coastline. He chose this site for the solid defensive geography, the copper veins within the mountains, and the glory of driving out the existing orc tribe that inhabited the area.

Clan Kurrothix one upped Ak’kanraush by taking an ancesteral dwarven fortress deep inside the Cloud Peaks as their clan seat. The Dwarfs of clan Warbeard had long ago been driven out of their home by drow elves from Underdark, and Kurrothix won much renown by driving out the drow. Beyond the glory of the battle the fortress is near a mine that produces rare gems. However the wandering dwarfs of clan Warbeard are very unhappy that Kurrothix has decided to keep the seat of power they won all those years ago rather than return it to the dwarfs whom believe the fortress is rightfully theirs.

Clan Delmirev settled in the Greenlands and the edge of the Snakewood Forest. They went for the easy way and have suffered from having less defensible location. They are seemingly constantly being harassed by opportunistic neighbors.

Dragonborn Clans

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