Tyranny of Dragons

6-9: The Dragon Hatchery

The heroes set forth from Greenest on their quest to return to the Raiders’ camp, at Leosin Erlanthar‘s request. Despite their sharp eyes, a band of scouts from Clan Delmirev ambushed them. Badarr, normally the most diplomatic of the heroes, could not hide his contempt for the clan, but Arlen, a fellow ranger, bonded with the scouts’ leader, Mehen, and eventually managed to secure from him a pledge of assistance against the cultists in the future. Badarr, whoever, was not satisfied and gave a dramatic speech, trying to rally scouts to join them now, and managed to sway one of the youngest: Pandjed. Mehen tried to order Pandjed to remain, but he ignored Mehen, motivated by Badarr’s speech to seek glory with the heroes of Clan Ak’kanraush. Mehen eventually gave his assent, though it is unclear as to whether or not he considered his oath to Arlen fulfilled.

The heroes pressed on, finding one of the hunters they had heard from the Delmirev scouts, who were feeding the camp. Their interrogation did not go well, however, as Pandjed accidentally put an arrow in the hunter’s throat. The heroes made their way to the camp, where Arlen’s ranger skills determined there was both an infernal presence as well as some sort of draconic presense. This revelation led Alikul to reveal his raven familiar was in fact a shape-changed imp, explaining Arlen’s information. The imp, able to remain invisible, was sent into the camp, which was seemingly empty. It scouted the entrance of the cave (the one they had previously been told housed dragon eggs), and found a couple of guards.

The heroes entered the camp, ordering off the one remaining hunter, and made their way into the caves. The heroes overcame the guards, and made their way deeper into the cave, discovering soon that it was a full-blown warren of twisting passages and chambers in the mesa. The heroes overcame a series of foes, including mobile fungi, kobolds, and traps, eventually encountering Langdedrosa Cyanwrath in a chamber covered in draconic carvings and a great statue of Tiamat. He and his guards, beefy wild but undisciplined berserker warriors. After vicious fight that nearly saw Arlen killed, the heroes were triumphant and the foes defeated. Torinn examined a treasure chest and carefully opened it, using his skills to barely avoiding a trap that seemed likely to bathe the room in acid, and instead finding treasure: a string of pearls, a gold and sapphire ring, and a pouch of 6 masterfully cut stones.

After a rest (taking the form of a Three Dragon Ante game), and despite Arlen’s interest in resting up for the evening, the heroes pressed on, finding another cavern with a series of dragon eggs and a peculiar stalagmite that caught Torinn’s eye. After slaying the kobold and drake guardians, the heroes destroyed two of the black dragon eggs, and realized that the stalagmite was in fact Szaash, a roper! They soon discovered the roper was more hungry than loyal to the cult, and with bribes of food (in the form of slain foes) and the promise of greater food beyond, the beast wandered off, seemingly leaving the heroes in peace.

The heroes continued to explore the caverns, finding the lair of Frumlam Mondath. Torrin snuck up into her quarters, and a tremendous battle ensued, with her guards and fellow cultists rushing to her aid as the heroes battled them. She summoned vicious draconic spirits which savaged both friend and foe alike, but eventually the adventurers’ were too much for the cultist, and she was put down. They found evidence in her papers that the rest of the treasure had been carried off towards Castle Naerytar except for the few pieces they uncovered in Cyanwrath’s room. The heroes caught their breath and planned their next steps…




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