Tyranny of Dragons

1: Greenest in Flames! (Part 1)

And thus our story begins...

At a gathering, several scions of Clan Ak’kanraush were sent off on a heroic quest: to answer the call of one Leosin Erlanthar, an adventurer the clan owed a debt to. There were a few problems with this scenario: no one seems to have heard of him or any debt that might be owed some outsider half-elf. Nonetheless, Arlen, Torinn of Clan Ak’kanraush, and Badarr were sent off with much fanfare by an elder of the clan, Nala as well as gifted a potion of healing each.

The heroes headed off through the Greenfields towards Greenest, a town nestled amongst the grasslands that is where they were supposed to meet Leosin. Along the way, they encountered a travelling caravan they assisted, played a little Three Dragon Ante (profitably, at the expense of one committed but unskilled caravan hand) and felt each other out, getting hints of where they agreed and differed.

Upon cresting the hill overlooking Greenest, they discovered the city under assault! A dragon blasted the central keep, and bands of raiders pillaged and menaced the town. The heroes rushed to the town’s aid, encountering bands of kobolds allied with menacing looking drakes, whom they fought off. It was during the first of these skirmishes that they encountered the fourth member of their band, Alikul, who had slipped away before the ceremony (one step ahead of somone, perhaps?) and had met up with his clan-mates at the town. The heroes saved a family being pursued by the raiders, and were able, with skill and luck, make their way through the ravaged town, picking up more refugees along the way, as they led the citizens to the keep. They were able to make it into the keep just as the doors were being barred, with the aid of the refugees who explained to Escobert the Red, the castellan and head of the guard, that these dragonborn heroes were opposed to the draconic forces that were attacking the town.

Escobert thanked the heroes for their service to Greenrest and took them to the head of the town, Governor Tarbaw Nighthill




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