Tyranny of Dragons

4-6: The Raiders' Camp

The events below occur up through 22 Mirtul, 1489 DR, Year of the Warrior Princess

After their successful defense of Greenest, the heroes finally were able to take advantage of a well-earned night of rest and relaxation. In the morning, their outlook was brighter; their bodies ached less, their mood was brighter and their bellies were full. Hailed as the defenders of Greenest, they were, however, not given much of a chance to rest on their laurels, as Escobert the Red and Tarbaw Nighthill had another charge for them. Governor Nighthill urgently needed information on the raiders’ camp: would the heroes perform reconnaissance for him? They swiftly agreed, and were promised reward for their service, as well as supplies to assist them.

While they were gathering supplies, Nesim Waladra, a young monk, came to them. Having heard they were on their way to the raiders’ camp, he asked if they would search for his mentor, Leosin Erlanthar. As this was the first news they had actually heard of the target of the quest the clan elders had laid upon them, they jumped at the news.

Arlen followed the tracks out of town; while a blind man could have followed the tracks given the size of the warband, he was able to determine additional information as well, including the fact there were wagons laden down with treasure and hauled by great lizards. The heroes came upon a band of stragglers, and after a brief battle overcame them, questioning survivors who (along with having a cache of treasure clearly stolen from the temple of Chauntea in Greenest) told of the camp’s location and the presence of a rearguard to await just such a band as themselves. Armed with this information, the heroes were able to circumvent the ambush laid for them at a boulder-strewn point between two hills, and passed on to locate the camp, which was nestled within a horseshoe-shaped high rocky mesa. Using some of the gear they recovered from the stragglers and Alikul’s skills at disguise, they were able to enter the camp undetected as just another group of stragglers…

The heroes of Clan Ak’kanraush infiltrated the camp and split up, gathering information. Through a variety of means (including a game of Three Dragon Ante), they discovered that the warband was led by Rezmir and Frumlam Mondath, and while most were members of the Cult of the Dragon, not all were. Prisoners taken during the raids were used for manual labor, though some joined the cult. The raiders consisted of roughly 100 humans and 100 kobolds, who were there due to their worshipful devotion to dragons. No sign of Lennithon was seen. Plunder was stored in a cave in the mesa wall, which appeared to be larger than the average cave the heroes discovered, and was near a single, larger tent. They heroes also heard that Leosin Erlanthar was being held prisoner, and that it was believed that he was of special interest to Rezmir.

The heroes located Leosin in an area devoted to prisoners, where he was lashed to a cross stake. Torinn approached him covertly to inform him that they would break him out, but he resisted, indicating he was there by choice to gain information. His weakened state revealed that the imprisioning had taken a serious toll on the monk, and Torinn was able to convince him that he needed to leave. Late in the evening, around 2AM, the heroes stole up, freed him from his confinement. Alikul worked his disgusing skills on him, and they were able to steal out of the camp before the escape was noticed. The heroes made their way to their horses, and were able to return to Greenest ahead of the search parties. The heroes returned to Greenest, delivering Leosin to his fellow monks and reporting in to the governor, who paid them as agreed.

While Leosin recovered, the heroes rested and restocked their supplies. Badarr donated his share of the reward to the rebuilding of Greenest. Alikul indulged his love of games of chance, Arlen returned to the church of Chauntea, returning the stolen treasure, and Torinn negotiated for gems from his compatriots, as well as donating to the Chaunteans to support a couple of children orphaned by the raid.

Eventually, Leosin recovered and asked his rescuers to return to the camp. He needed agents to observe the camp, to report on any movements, particularly related to the cave, while Leosin trekked north to the town of Eltruel, where he needs to consult with one of his allies, Ontharr Frume, who shared his concerns about the cult.





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